Jorn Dammann – Jorn is a self-taught expert (2000+) from Austin, Texas. His passion for chess has manifested itself in recent years, and he often spends his free time playing tournaments, solving tactics, reading chess books, and helping others improve!

Approximately two years ago, Jorn reached the 16-year-old U.S.C.F. Top 100 List after gaining 300 rating points in one year; he is currently ranked under the top 75 in his age category. In January of 2018, he became the Austin Chess Club co-champion, defeating two strong masters in the process! With the help of books and various other training sources, he works every day towards his goal of reaching 2200 and achieving the National Master title.

Roland Gadbois – IMG-4795Roland is a self-taught high school chess player. Having started in elementary school, Roland has risen to expert status as well as the top 100 for his age group. In 2016, Roland placed second in the Austin Area Open Chess Championship along with numerous achievements.

Nowadays, Roland can regularly be found at the Austin Chess Club, where he practices and places weekly in order to improve further. He is also a frequent tournament player who seeks improvement through tactics and book study.